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from Year: 2019

There will be numerous reasons for which you need to have a transparent background. For instance the image will look lively in some other background or color. Today we will look into ways on how … Continue reading How to Remove a White Background in Simple Steps

In this post we have seen how to create a drop shadow. We will carry on where we left off earlier.  This time we create drop shadow in another way, go ahead and turn off … Continue reading Creating And Modifying Directional Shadows

Today we will learn, how we can add shadows to an object. One of the first things that we want to do with the image is to take a look at how we can extract … Continue reading How to Create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Today we will learn how we can use the Vanishing Point Filter. It is actually quite fascinating what we can do this filter. Before we move forward we need to set up the stage before … Continue reading How to add a cool Graffiti using Photoshop

This is a quick Photoshop tip tutorial on how to straighten crooked images. This is something that comes up fairly regularly in photography or regular Photoshop editing. I am glad to know this trick and … Continue reading How to Straighten a Crooked image in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will show you how to overlay someone’s head onto another body with Adobe Photoshop. Start Adobe Photoshop, go to the file menu and choose Open. In the appeared window selected the … Continue reading How To Put Your Face On A Different Body

In this following article I am going to show you techniques used for retouching images. Photoshop is mainly famous for its retouching capabilities or we can say sometimes even infamous for its features. This is … Continue reading Retouch and remove objects from an image

Typically when you use the crop tool or use image size or canvas size you’re working with the entire image. But what if you want to work on multiple images in the same canvas area … Continue reading Use of Free Transform Tool in Photoshop

When you work in Photoshop get ahead and know for which you will need your image for, because if you know where your image is going then you’ll know how large of a file will … Continue reading Resolution : 3 most common ways of sharing your images

When working in Photoshop you will see there will be time when you want to add a inch or two around your image. This is where Relative Option of Canvas Size comes in helpful. We … Continue reading Using the Relative Option & Perspective Crop tool In Photoshop