portrait retouch

We have a phenomenal team with the perfect techniques and tools for both Product and Model Retouching! Based on your quotation, your project can be delivered within 24 to 72 hours. With an extensive background in Commercial Photography, we supply retouching to the specifications of Professional Photographers and Designers. We have mastered Image Retouching, from the subtle art of accentuation, all the way up to Extensive Digital Manipulation and Compositing.

  • Image spotting and Image Artefact removal
  • Raw file adjustment and Conversions
  • Wrinkle, Scar and Blemish removal
  • Hair Cleanup e.g. elimination of fly away hair
  • Natural skin retouching
  • Colour correction/contrast/levels
  • Image Manipulation, Compositing of different Layers
  • Spotting/Dust Removal, Highlight/Flare Removal
  • Object Removal retouching service