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from Year: 2015

Any retouching images will be good if you are able to keep people looking natural. However, only looking natural does not mean you do not use any effects in it. In addition, it looks good … Continue reading Natural Looking Retouch in General

A retouch aiming for a perfect final image without necessarily respecting complete resemblance with the original subject is called glamour retouching. Glamour retouching is another sub-part of photo retouching. We can do glamour retouching best by glamour photography. Glamour photography … Continue reading Glamour Retouching

Hair retouching is one of the most significant items of retouching. Many of you people are may be familiar with using clone and heal brushes to remove stray hair off the face or the background. You … Continue reading Hair Retouch in Photoshop

One of the basic and most important criteria of ‘Model Retouching’ is that – you have to be very good at using Photoshop tools. In order to do a model retouch, smoothness of the skin of a … Continue reading Model Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Among many retouching which can be done, age retouching is one of them and can be compared to skin retouching as well. One of the beauties that retouching have is that you can retouch anything. It … Continue reading Age Retouching in Photoshop

“Skin Retouching” is another part of photo retouching. It is also very important. For getting the best results, the photographer – whoever the person is should try to take the picture in a high resolution … Continue reading Skin Photo Manipulation at a Glance

Beauty retouching is one of the major areas where Adobe Photoshop is used in a wide manner. One of the most important reasons for using it widely is because it is an area where people … Continue reading Beauty Retouching at a Glance

What is great about Photoshop is that you can often get exceptional results in a short amount of time. If you follow step-by-step Photoshop face retouching tutorial, you will definitely get this benefit on procedures of … Continue reading Facial Retouching in General

As much as we all want to feel beautiful in photographs, for most photographers, the goal is to make a subject look as beautiful as she would on her very best day. It is tempting … Continue reading Full Portrait Retouching in Lightroom

It is quite a challenge for the new photographers to retouch the wedding photos because among the hundred photographs, it is really very difficult task to pick the best one. All the photographers know that … Continue reading Wedding Photo Manipulation


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