How to ‘Design a Movie Poster’ through Photoshop

How to ‘Design a Movie Poster’ through Photoshop

Here, you will learn about how to design a movie poster through Photoshop. I hope that it will help the beginner level of Photoshop users especially.

At first, you have to select few images separately and open a new file in Photoshop. Select an international paper and we need to make sure that it is in A4 size and click OK. When the file is open, we need to make the background black. In order to do that, click Alt + Backspace and that will do it. Now, we need to drag the images over here. Press Ctrl + T to re-size those images. Up next, we need to duplicate the layer. So, we need to press Ctrl + J to do that. We need to create a layer mask and select a gradient tool and just drag. So, we have a black fading into the image. After that, we need to merge those two layers by clicking Ctrl + E and it will do that. After that, we have to deactivate the boat layer.

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Now, we need to create a layer mask on my layer and just paint with brush tool. So, if you paint with black it prevails the layer which is immediately below. Now, activate the boat layer of mine.  Again on this layer, we need to create a layer mask. Click and drag all the way to reveal the layers below. After doing all that, we need to merge all those layer onto one single layer.  In order to do that, we need to press Shift + Alt + Ctrl + E and that will make that happen. Next, we need to duplicate this layer by  pressing Ctrl + J. Lastly, we need to go to the filter, noise and add noise with some adjustment of your own choice and click OK.  After that, we need to merge those two layers again by clicking Ctrl + E. After that, go to the adjustment layer and select black and white and after all adjustments that will do. Once that all is done, you need to add a new layer and fill that layer with dark blue or black or whatever your desired color is. You also need to adjust the overlay and adjust the opacity of the image. So, that is how you actually design a movie poster.


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