Usage of “Liquified Tool” in Photoshop

Usage of “Liquified Tool” in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will get to know about the tool that is used for many purposes and one of the most important tools in Photoshop coined as the ‘liquefied tool.’ The shortcut tool of this liquefied tool is Shift + Ctrl + X.  I hope that it will be very helpful for all and for the beginners especially.

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This tool is used by fashion photographers to shrink people size them so that they can look a bit more anarchistic and make their eyes a bit bigger. Liquefied tool is there on the toolbar above under filter tool button. Then, liquefied dialogue box appears. We can look into three tools in the liquefied filter named ‘Forward Wrap Tool,’ ‘Pucker Tool’ and ‘Bloat Tool’ which is completely opposite of pucker tool. When you click on some of the brushes, you can modify it obviously by manually like brush size, brush density, brush pressure. Now, before using the pucker tool, it is always important to know how pucker tool works.  It actually puckers or brings everything to the focused point to the middle in it. Then adjust the brush size, you just need to click and drag to bring the changes of your desired section of the picture. Bloat tool and forward wrap tool do the opposite of the pucker tool but the command are the same. These tools actually make any portion of a picture funny and considered as a tool that one can make fun of.


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