How to Create Marble Text Effect in Photoshop

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How to Create Marble Text Effect in Photoshop

Here, you will be learning on how to create a beautiful ‘Marble Text Effect’ using Adobe Photoshop. To create a marble text, you will need a nice looking Marble texture.

At first, create a new document having width 600 px and height 340 px. Create an Adjustment layer and choose Gradient. Then make some adjustment and create your background. Next, open a texture image that you would like to work on in Photoshop. Click and drag this texture image onto your document. Press ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + E to create a new layer with all of these effects. Go to Filter> Lens Correction to apply Lens Correction. After that, make some necessary adjustments. Now using Photoshop’s Text Tool, create your text with the color.

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Photo Courtesy – Marble Text Effect

Double click the text layer to open ‘Layer Style’ and then make some changes. Press CTRL and click the text layer’s thumbnail in the Layers Panel of which a selection will appear around the text. Then, go to Filter> Sketch> Halftone Pattern and make the changes if required. Again, go to Filter> Sketch> Chrome and make the necessary changes. Change the Blending Mode from Normal to Soft light.

That sums up the whole process. In this way, you can photo edit and create this stylish effect. Hope that helps!


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