General Idea about “Girl Retouch”

General Idea about “Girl Retouch”

Retouching is one of the major areas where people are interested in. Here, by people I mean every one of every age. So, child and adolescence of both boys and girls also fall in this category.

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Everyone knows that by retouching any image, they look nice and beautiful. Therefore, they want to be a model in any of the advertising mediums. However, they have their own idols in their life. Most of the cases, they are their country celebrities. As they are seen in the various advertise mediums, the young girls also want to be like them like ‘the celebrity.’ It gives them a feeling that cannot be measured. It is very internal and it stays in their heart, body, mind and soul. Nevertheless, if they come to know that it is all false, then they feel sad and betrayed. The reason why is that they think that all of these images of their idols are real. It damages their psychology and they become very upset. Some critics have called for banning the retouching of photos. The only solution I find is that they should be real so that they cannot harm child psychology. Here are some pictures that I find interesting and beautiful about ‘girl retouching’…


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