About ‘Eye Retouching’

About ‘Eye Retouching’

Clipping Path ServiceEye retouching is one of the main features of photo retouching. It really brings a new dimension of photo retouching. It is also look majestic. In order to look the images, we use ‘Light room,’ ‘Photoshop’ etc. as we claim ourselves people in digital era.

For me, for the longest time, for perhaps a year, this process of learning how to retouch a photo looked a whole bunch like me studying Photoshop in various ways and learning a whole lot of little. Learning Photoshop is not easy as well as it is not that difficult too. A bit more attention and dedication along with passion will make this very easy. However, before all of this, it is very important to have the passion for doing a job like Photo retouching. Here are few samples of eye retouching that I find interesting and beautiful…


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