3 Easy Tips for Better Wedding Portraits

3 Easy Tips for Better Wedding Portraits

Shooting a wedding photography is one of the toughest assignments that a photographer can have. Finding that one magical window of opportunity where the light, the pose and the smile all come together takes a bit of work and luck. Here are the 3 Wedding Photography tips you need to know for better wedding portraits –

1.Smart Use of Time

Wedding photographers have to be masters of time management. You simply cannot succeed as a wedding photographer without good time management skills. Use the time wisely to maximize light, location and pose.

Female Photographer Taking a Photo

Try to get 3 variations of the same pose: full body, waist up, and chest up. For each frame, add small changes in the pose. These small changes give you a bunch of images to choose from for that perfect portrait. You could change the location, the light or try shooting at a different time.

2.Help Relaxing the Bride

This sounds like – easier said than done. However, it is definitely achievable. Talk to the bride and explain what you need from her.

Bride Posing for a Photoshoot

Tell her to think about the present moment and remind her to relax her shoulders.

3.Provide Feedback

Providing small feedback are extremely important. Initially as you shoot a few frames, give some feedback from behind the camera.

Bride and Groom Photography Outdoor

Silence can be demoralizing to the bride.

As a wedding photographer, you need to organize a number of angles of your subject to help you on your way to becoming a better wedding photographer. Hopefully these tips will help you get that perfect shot of the bride.