How to Color Grade Images using Photoshop

Color Grade Image Effect of a Cat

How to Color Grade Images using Photoshop

In this tutorial, we are going to Color Grade an image in Photoshop. Hopefully, this post will help both beginner and advanced level of users in a great deal.

Open the image you would like to color grade. Then Duplicate the Layer. Name the layer Color Grade. Then click OK. Now, you need to add a color lookup adjustment layer. Select the Color Grade Layer. Then click the Adjustment Layer icon. Afterwards, click Color Lookup. When the Color Lookup Properties windows open, you can color grade the image.

Color Grade Image Effect of a Cat

Original by Pexels/ CC BY and edited by ClippingPathService

From the 3DLut file, drop down and select one of the preset Luts. If you select ‘TensionGreen’ preset, this will give your image that Matrix movie look. If you select ‘Teal and Orange’ preset, this will give your image the Transformers movie look.

Note that, if you select a Lut and the effect is too strong you can always lower the opacity.


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