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Gradient tool creates a steady blend between several colors. Today we will focus on the interesting world of gradient tool. There are few things we might do with this tool that a lot of people … Continue reading How to apply gradient in Photoshop

Once there was time when it was unthinkable to colorize black and white or grayscale image. The trade secret was only known to very few limited people. The process was time consuming as it was … Continue reading How to hand-tint black and white images

A smile on your face speaks a volume for you. The white shinning teeth gives you wings to fly, it shows you are open to the challenges the world throws at you.  You are confident … Continue reading Whitening teeth in Photoshop and Smile Please!

Overexposed is explained by Vangie Beal “as in traditional photography, overexposure is a term used to describe the process of exposing film to too much light, which results in the photograph being too bright. In … Continue reading AN OVEREXPOSED PHOTO: Improve in three steps

When a Photographer takes a photo it’s normally comes in raw format. The initial photo is big in size. To share it easily on the web or via email it is a good idea to … Continue reading Image Size-Resize your image on Photoshop


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