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Retouching is one of the major areas where people are interested in. Here, by people I mean every one of every age. So, child and adolescence of both boys and girls also fall in this category. … Continue reading General Idea about “Girl Retouch”

These are the fantastic examples of face and face-flow photo retouching. The person who retouch the photo has used different graphic tools to make the photo shinny and beautiful. You can feel the difference before … Continue reading About “Face-flow Retouching”

By hearing the word ‘sparkle’, we can easily understand what it is all about. You can use filter or add light effects on it to make it sparkling. Besides, you have to make it artistic … Continue reading About “Sparkle Retouch”

In order to do retouch of male persons, the person who is retouching should be very clever and quick. He has to make some quick decisions because retouching males can be of a bit tricky. … Continue reading Male Model Photo Retouching

When you retouch on coffee cup, it is called coffee cup retouching. Coffee cup retouching is something that is not done very often. Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to prove yourself as well as others that … Continue reading Coffee Cup Product Retouching

Photo retouching is not easy. You have to make a person simply look better, without adding any unrealistic effects. The images or the pictures must look always be realistic. Everything must be looked perfect. Photo … Continue reading Natural to Extreme Photo Retouching

As body of a human being is a very sensitive part, it’s retouching is also need to be very rational and realistic. Anyone in this world will prefer to be a realistic retouching rather than … Continue reading Introductory about ‘Body Retouching’

Photo retouching means improve the quality of a photo. Photo retouching has many classifications. Product retouching is one of them. If a person wants a product to sell it whether in online or offline, product … Continue reading Basic idea for “Product Retouching’


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