Introductory about ‘Body Retouching’

Introductory about ‘Body Retouching’

As body of a human being is a very sensitive part, it’s retouching is also need to be very rational and realistic. Anyone in this world will prefer to be a realistic retouching rather than an illogical and a fake one.

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The most important reason I find is due to the preference of a man. As a sensitive part of a body, the photographers want mostly celebrities as their model.  After what happens is that all the followers of that particular model came to know about that model and if they see that their favorite model does not look good, they blame the photographers. Since people want to see their favorite celebrities look not only fabulous but also look real, one should be very careful about what they are doing with those images. People know that Adobe Photoshop is the software application that is often used to digitally alter photographs. Therefore, it is very important to be very sensitive about body retouching and try not to be digitally altered those images or photographs through Adobe Photoshop. Here are few samples of ‘body retouching’ that I found interesting and beautiful…


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