How to Create Reflections in an Image through Photoshop

How to Create Reflections in an Image through Photoshop

This tutorial, you will see how to create reflections in an image through Photoshop. I expect and really hope that it will work well and help the beginner level students of Photoshop.

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At first, select the images that of 2 similar kinds and then make a new layer. Duplicate the layer now. Select the duplicated layer and move it directly beneath the first image. If the image that you have used is selected as the entire background instead of a layer, simply create a new layer by clicking Ctrl + Shift + N and arrange it to the back so that it remains under all other layers. Select the duplicated layer and then go to ‘Edit,’ then ‘Transform’ and finally ‘Flip Vertical.’ Next, we will add some blur to add to the reflection effect. Up next, go to ‘Filter,’ then ‘Blur’ and lastly ‘Gaussian Blur.’ Make some adjustments before hitting OK. At this point, your canvas should look similar to the image that is showing some reflections. Next, select the eraser tool in the toolbar on the left. Edit the eraser brush settings to your choice. Finally, select the duplicated layer in the layers palette and erase the bottom half of the layer with the eraser tool. After that, select the gradient tool in the toolbar on the left. Open the gradient settings window in the toolbar at the top and edit the ‘Foreground to Transparent’ gradient. Change the foreground color to the color of your background or the background of where your image will be displayed. Hold down shift for a perfect straight line, and drag a short line on top of the bottom layer using the gradient tool. That will do it.


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